Municipality: Kangasala Kuhmalahti
Protection year: 2005
Area protected: 26 ha
Korpivainio. Kuva: Helena Saikkonen

The 26-hectare Korpivainio Forest in Kangasala, in the Kuhmalahti village on the border of Sahalahti, is one of the thickest forests of our foundation. The purchase of the forest at the going rate would have been impossible for the foundation in 2005, but the owner of the forest, Mr Aimo Saksala, who has been a conservationist for a long time, decided to sell the forest for only 75 000 euros, which is less than one third of the value of the entire tree stand. To express our gratitude, we have put up a memorial plaque naming this natural heritage forest after Mr Saksala.

Except for the 40-year-old one-hectare tree stand in the east side of the forest, the entire Korpivainio Forest is old and very dense, up to the sides of the nearby roads and fields. The forest is mainly growing spruces, but there are also sturdy pine trees growing higher up and some birches and aspens in small numbers growing farther down. Apart from the sapling stand mentioned, the last time someone cut down trees in the forest to sell firewood was in 1951, but these small actions have not really left any permanent marks in the environment.

In the west, the forest is bounded by Lake Längelmävesi with two tiny shore strips of this lake famous for its sparkle belonging to the conservation area.

Two fields of five hectares, altogether, inside the forest on the east side of the road, were left to the original owner farm splitting the forest in half. Fortunately, the foundation owns two forest pieces at the mouth of the larger field uniting the two halves as an important "ecological corridor". And, above all, the thickness of the forest guarantees that the holes and the edges there are easily hidden by the dimness of the forest. In the best places there, one can enjoy an atmosphere of a primeval forest. Besides, this natural heritage forest is bounded by the great, about twenty-kilometre long heartland, the "wilderness of Laippa" formed by four parishes, in the east.

Näin löydät Korpivainiolle

Ajetaan tietä 325 – Tampere-Kuhmoinen. Sahalahden kirkolta (Tampereen suunnasta tultaessa) ajetaan noin 7 kilometriä, kunnes kyltti viittaa pohjoiseen Haapasaareen. Noin 2 kilometrin päässä tie haaraantuu; käännytään oikealle ja ajetaan runsaat 2 kilometriä. Korpivainion suojelualue on juuri Kuhmalahden kunnanrajan takana. Suojeltua metsää on Haapasaaren tien molemmin puolin, samoin Längelmäveden rantaan kääntyvän Nuottakärjentien varsilla. Korpivainion suojelualueen pohjoispuolella lähtee kaakkoon pikkutie, joka johtaa metsäpellolle. Esimerkiksi sen varteen voi joksikin aikaa jättää auton.

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