Municipality: Lohja
Protection year: 2019
Area protected: 6 ha

The Keuraanmäki conservation area – a forest formerly owned by Hotel Oiva – was donated by the film director Aki Kaurismäki in the spring of 2019. This excellent gift encompasses 5.5 hectares and contains pines that grow on the rock as well as primeval forest.

The top section of Keuraanmäki is about light and old pines growing on the rock, the charm being increased by the unbroken lichen formations and the catsfoot vegetations. The southern and western slopes surprise with their primeval character: the terrain descends into a dense and dark forest. The soil is exuberant and the treestand versatile with its many species: there are conifers and old silver birches with beard moss, and not a trace of loggings. Some of the trees are very old, some having already died while still standing.

At the bottom section, the forest pretty much turns into a grove − large maples that shine green appear among the trees growing at the edge of a small meadow.

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