Municipality: Kauhava
Protection year: 2020
Area protected: 70 ha
Huhmarneva Luonnonperintösäätiö

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased in September 2020 an approximately seventy-hectare area called Huhmarneva in Kauhava. It was the Vapo company that sold the area, and the financing for the purchase came from Ostrobothnia's swamp campaign. The campaign was launched in collaboration with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Ostrobothnia district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. The acquisition also received significant support from the following associations: Suomenselän Lintutieteellinen Yhdistys, Kauhavan Luontoyhdistys Valokki, and Järviseudun Ympäristöyhdistys Kotikontu.

Huhmarneva is located in the Nokua village, which can be found in the southeastern part of central Kauhava. According to an examination of the area's bog vegetation, this ecosystem constitutes a string bog. Huhmarneva is connected with the undrained bogs nearby: a few kilometers away, we find Vanhaneva in the east and Peuraneva in the northeast, both in Lappajärvi. In recent years, these three protected areas have become important for the Finnish forest reindeer to spend their winter.

Huhmarneva is a nesting site for a number of rare and endangered birds that may live there throughout the year. The osprey has nested there for thirty years already and produced offspring each year. The rustic bunting, the willow grouse, the Siberian jay, and the golden plover also enjoy the place. There are also other endangered or rare species that have been detected in the area, for example the short-eared owl, the pygmy owl, the honey buzzard, and the meadow pipit. The black grouse has its displays on a regular basis, and sometimes there can be dozens of them eating at the bog or in its surroundings.

The Huhmarneva-Ympyräisneva area is the last bog appearing in its natural state at the drainage basin of the Kauhavanjoki river, making it an important factor preventing the water from flooding. The protection of Huhmarneva will also considerably reduce the environmental load that the nearby waterways are exposed to. The Kauhavanjoki river comes out of the Lapuanjoki river, which means that it is beneficial for the waterways of this river also if the Huhmarneva area is allowed to remain in its natural state.

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