Municipality: Alajärvi
Protection year: 2012-2013
Area protected: 37 ha

The foundation has achieved results with the Ostrobothnia campaign for bogs. The first purchase took place in December 2012, an about a 16-hectare bog called Heinisuo in the village of Lehtimäki in Alajärvi. We made a new deal in May 2013, which increased the size of the protected area up to almost 35 hectares. The new area includes a small forest-covered islet.

Heinisuo is part of Heinineva, one of the most valuable unprotected bogs in the Ostrobothnia region.

Heinineva is located in the Suomenselkä region, 160 metres above sea level. The open area of the bog covers about 150 hectares. Nearly half of the nature types appearing in this soggy quagmire with stalk and sedge have become endangered.

Heinisuo and Heinineva are located in an important landscape divided by the Kuortaneentie road. It is easy to reach the place, where one can see the open Finnish landscape still intact, which is something that has become rare. There are black grouses having their mating displays there in the springtime. Then, in the summertime, the area turns into a nesting site for swans, cranes, and common terns, as well as gull colonies. Over the past few years, there have been observations of nesting Jack snipes and willow grouses, too – species that have already disappeared in southwest Finland and become endangered south of Lapland.

Heinisuo is the foundation’s 34th conservation area and the second one in Ostrobothnia. 

Näin löydät Heininevalle

Osoite: Kuortaneentie 585, Alajärvi. Heininevan suojelualue avautuu tien molemmin puolin.

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