A New Conservation Area in Kuusamo

In early September, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation managed to get a new conservation area, the first one in Kuusamo. It is a forest of less than 14 hectares located in the village of Lämsänkylä bounded by the Multikoski Rapids flowing freely in the beautiful landscape.

The rapids flow from Lake Vuolajärvi into Lake Multijärvi, which is bounded by the Russian border zone in the east. The area includes about one kilometre of the Multikoski and Multijärvi shore, where nothing has been built. In the south, the area is bounded by quite a large swamp called Toolansuo, which has not been drained.

There is a wide range of over a hundred-year-old uncut trees growing in this new area, which is located in an impressive environment. The original name of the area, Koskenranta, will remain. This is our 31st conservation area and our second one in the Northern Ostrobothnia region.

Photo: Anneli Jussila.

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