Municipality: Punkalaidun
Protection year: 2023
Area protected: 1.2 ha

In spring 2023, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation received a wonderful gift of nature from the gymnastics and sports club Tuisku in Punkalaidun: the club donated a forest to the Foundation, which will be called Tuiskunmetsä (Tuisku Forest) after the club. The forest, covering just over a hectare, is located in the village of Oriniemi in Punkalaidun.

The sports club, which was founded more than a hundred years ago, purchased the area long ago with the plan to turn it into a sports ground. The area remained unused, however, and later grew into a handsome forest. The surviving members of the sports club wanted to ensure that this unused area was preserved, so they donated the forest to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. This old gymnastics and sports club is now winding down its activities after more than a hundred years, but its legacy will live on through Tuiskunmetsä forest, protected by the Foundation.

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