Municipality: Porvoo
Protection year: 2013
Area protected: 5 ha

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought a forest of over five hectares in April 2013 in the village of Tyysteri in Porvoo. The forest will be called Tomteskog, a gnome forest. The area borders in the south on the Storkärr field and elsewhere on the surrounding woods.

The majority of the forest is about a fresh grove-like heath. The area is dominated by old spruces, some of them over a hundred years old, with a few pines and birches here and there. The wetland of the west side, which is characterized by old European white birches, has a rocky hill rising from the ground. There, the tree stand is mainly made up of shield bark pine trees.

The majority of the Tomteskog forest is thick, diverse, and uncut. Decayed trees stand and lie on the ground in different sizes. Leptoporus mollis, a fungus that lives in old forests, has also found its home in the area.

Tomteskog is the 36th conservation area of the foundation and the second one in the Uusimaa region.

Näin löydät Tomteskogiin

Osoite: Suursuontie 57, Porvoo. Matkaa Suursuontie 57:n kohdalta Tomteskogin suojelualueelle länteen on osapuilleen 250 metriä.

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