Municipality: Aura
Protection year: 2022
Area protected: 14 ha
Tapsunkolkka. Kuva: Mikko Hovila

Tapsunkolkka is a pine-dominant forest, where you can find lichen-covered rocks and heathland rich in blueberry and lingonberry. The forest has remained undisturbed for a long time. It is home to, for example, the willow tit and the crested tit, which were spotted in the forest during an inspection visit in the autumn.

The forest was donated by Reeta Kuuskoski, a friend of old forests, who once received the forest as a gift from her father. Kuuskoski recently learnt about the current activities of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and was convinced that the foundation would help preserve the forest. The permanent protection would honour her father’s memory in the best possible way.

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