Municipality: Ilomantsi
Protection year: 2023
Area protected: 18 ha

Orjanruususaari on Muokonsaari island in lake Nuorajärvi in Ilomantsi was purchased in spring 2023. The area includes a handsome forest and a connected water meadow. This 18-hectare conservation area got its name from an unusual little island.

Orjanruususaari conservation area has an interesting variation of biotopes. The highest point of the island to the north is dominated by pine, while the south slope and the area near the shore has an older, lush and at times herb-rich forest. From there, the forest becomes shadier and more varied: the bilberry-covered ground has groups of sighing aspens, large birches covered in bracket fungus, and huge spruces. Further down, the terrain turns into a natural flood plain. This region has plenty of vegetation that is typical to flood plains, such as sedge, purple moor grass, red rattle, marsh cinquefoil and yellow loosestrife.

Protecting Orjanruususaari is part of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s campaign Protect a Part of Eastern Finland.

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