Municipality: Saarijärvi
Protection year: 2013
Area protected: 8 ha

In August 2013, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired a seven-hectare area called Mörkökorpi, located close to the Lannevesi region in Saarijärvi. This new area includes over six hectares of forest and a farmyard with meadows surrounding it, a yard that is about to become forested.

The forest is standing in an unusually natural state. A great portion of this virgin-like spruce forest is almost 120 years old. The appearance of the forest – as well as its natural value – is diversified by the old deciduous trees standing in the forest, the birches and the goat willows. There are also some grand pine trees growing among the spruces. In addition, there are several generations of decayed wood appearing in the form of both standing and fallen trees. The western side is characterized by its swampy nature.

Mörkökorpi includes a little less than a hectare of an old meadow and a farmyard. The uncovered sections of the area are about to become forested with deciduous trees – birches, alders, rowans, and goat willows.

Mörkökorpi is the 40th conservation area of the foundation and the third one in Central Finland.

Näin löydät Mörkökorpeen

Suunnilleen Uuraistentie 860:n kohdalla kääntyy metsätie etelään kaartuen sitten länteen ja peltoaukean läpi, minkä jälkeen, Noin 400 metrin päässä erkanee pihatie kaakkoon. Tien vierellä olevan pellon pohjoispäähän voi pysäköidä auton.

Osoite: Uuraistentie 860, Saarijärvi

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