Municipality: Lohja
Protection year: 2008
Area protected: 16 ha

The Limberg Forest in the village of Iso-Teutari, Lohja, was acquired by the foundation in the autumn of 2008. It is the foundation's first conservation area being located in the Uusimaa province.

The forest lives in its own peaceful valley in the middle of rocks, far away from roads. In order to see the forest, one has to hike over a kilometre. The area covers 16 hectares with over 10 hectares being an old, primeval-like spruce forest. The middle part of the valley is damp backwoods with bracket fungus enjoying its life there. The slopes are drier, but the lime-containing terrain is exuberant all over. The numerous hazels, for instance, growing all over the forest are a proof for this.

The trees are tall, and they grow thick in this forest, which contains lots of decaying wood and trees cut down by the wind. What makes this forest a very significant conservation area is the atmosphere of a forest in its natural state as well as the southern location and the area being of an adequate size, not to mention the 14-hectare Pytberg oak forest, one of the protected areas of the Natura 2000 network, being located nearby, a little to the south of the Limberg Forest.

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