Municipality: Tervo
Protection year: 2009-2014
Area protected: 26 ha

The Käpyranta Conservation Area, almost 26 hectares, is located in the village of Käpysalo, Linnonsaari, Tervo, about thirty kilometres north of the Church of Suonenjoki. Linnonsaari is surrounded by Virmasvesi, a beautiful lake that marks the boundaries of the conservation area on three spots.

The diverse forests of Käpyranta have many faces. In the southernmost place by the lake, there are old spruces growing from the stony ground, but as one moves away from the shore, one can see the forest turning into a swamp-like "goblin forest." Then the terrain begins to rise, and one can gaze at the handsome pine trees in admiration with a small, undrained swamp being left on the side of the hill. Closer to the Lepikko farm, the forest turns into a beautiful mixed forest with old birches growing among the other trees. Right next to the old fields, there are old aspens growing on a former pasture. There is also a birch wood of a few hectares growing separated from the other trees with a bubbling spring colouring the landscape.

The forest is not old enough to be called a primeval forest in many places, but it is apparent that the forest has been allowed to live in peace for a few decades: there are trees of different ages and different species growing in the forest with some decaying trees starting to lie on the ground as well.

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought the first 13 hectare part of Käpyranta Forest in October 2009, and a smaller areas 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Näin löydät Käpyrantaan

Osoite: Lahdenrannantie 122, Tervo. Linnonsaaressa sijaitseva Lahdenrannantie 122:n kohdalla kääntyy mökkitie itään. Noin puolen kilometrin päässä tien itäpuolella on mökin pihapiiri, jonne voit jättää auton. Lahdenrannantie etenee kohti Rajaniemen ja Lepinniemen kärkeä ja myötäilee matkallaan Käpyrannan suojelualueen lounaisreunaa.

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