Municipality: Eura
Protection year: 2010
Area protected: 4 ha

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation received on 12 October a little less than four hectares of forest in the Eura area of Mannila near the west shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä. The part most valuable from the viewpoint of nature conservation is made up of old spruces and other trees growing on an exuberant, mossy ground with decayed wood in delightful amounts.

At the foot of a rock called Akkolankallio, there is also valuable woodland made up of old aspens and other old trees. The rest of the forest consists of youngish pines with some spruces and birches bringing more colour to the species of the forest. The new conservation area is located right next to the ancient village of Mansikki. At the request of the donor, the forest will be named the Willow Tit Forest.

The forest was donated to the foundation by Anna-Liisa Lössner from Mannila because she wanted to protect the forest against logging for good.

Näin löydät Hömötiaisenmetsään

Osoite: Mansikintie 34, Eura. Hömötiaisenmetsän suojelualue sijaitsee Mansikintien risteyksen koillis- ja itäpuolella.

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