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Katkennut raita muodostaa portin Ahmauksenojan lounaispuoliselle kankaalle, jolla on suuria siirtolohkareita.

A valuable spruce mire placed under protection in Ulvila

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired an area of 41 hectares called Ahmauksenkorpi in the village of Ahmaus, located in Ulvila. It is an exceptionally wide and unified forest with plenty of decayed wood. To a great extent, it is fern spruce mire by its habitat type. The small Ahmauksenoja river runs through the…
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Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Kettukangas

An old aspen rich wooden pasture protected

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired in spring an old lush wooden pasture in Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia. The Kettukangas forest of 32 hectares consists mainly of herb-rich forests. The single most important conservation value of the forest is the volume of common aspen (Populus tremula). Aspens of different ages, including old and decayed individuals, are…
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Vanhaa kiviaitaa Holampissa.

Holamppi in Pori is the new conservation area

The new conservation area is located at the edge of a forested heartland in a quiet region. The soil is exuberant, and the forest is dominated by conifers, except for the Eevanniityt section of old birches sighing in the wind. There is an exceptionally beautiful forest road leading into the area, running alongside the southern…
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Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Laitakangas-Tuohisaari

Heino gave nature a gift

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was recently given 30.5 hectares of land as a gift by Heino Jokelainen from Siikalatva in Northern Ostrobothnia.  According to the terms of the donation, the Foundation is obligated to make sure that the area is placed under protection within a year from the day of the signing of the…
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Naava- ja luppopartoja Itäkankaan kuusien oksilla.

A remnant of the original Koillismaa forest

Eight hectares of the original coniferous forest of Koillismaa (“the Northeastern Land”) was protected in late October when the Finnish Natural Heritage Fund purchased a piece of nearly 200 years old forest in Pintamo at the eastern edge of the municipality of Pudasjärvi. In order to make the area geometrically simpler and to create a…
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