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Luonnonperintösäätiö Tiitiäisen metsä suojelualue

A forest named Tiitiäisen metsä is founded in Ylöjärvi

In honour of Kirsi Kunnas, an author, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the publishing house WSOY have founded a conservation area called Tiitiäisen metsä in Ylöjärvi, and we raise funds for the area through donations and a poem collection also called Tiitiäisen metsä. The book contains some of the most beloved poems by Kunnas,…
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Kruunuvuori Luonnonsuojelualue

Kruunuvuori has been protected in all its value in Salo

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently bought in the southeastern part of Salo an interesting area consisting of a forested hill with green slopes. At the top of the Aromäki hill, there are grand shield-barked pines and dead pine trees that are hundreds of years old. On the slopes, you can see more lush treestands…
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Huhmarnevan avosuota. Kuva: Pekka Rajala.

The Huhmarneva bog is protected in Kauhava

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased in September an approximately seventy-hectare area called Huhmarneva in Kauhava. It was the Vapo company that sold the area, and the financing for the purchase came from Ostrobothnia’s swamp campaign. The campaign was launched in collaboration with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Ostrobothnia district of the Finnish…
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Luonnonperintösäätiö Tsiuttajoki Luonnonsuojelualue

Two areas protected under the Pelimetsä project

Pelimetsä (‘The Game Forest’), a project established in the Finnish game sector, made a significant donation for the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, which used the money to purchase and protect 134 hectares of diverse forest. Pelimetsä is a conservation project shared by Finnish game developers with 29 influential people and companies behind the project. The…
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Suden metsä, Kirnukorpi. Kuvaaja: Anneli Jussila

The Suden metsä forest protected in Pälkäne

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired in June a forest area of many faces in the Pirkanmaa region. The name of the forest, Suden metsä, means A Wolf’s Forest, and it is located by the Korkeusvuori area in Pälkäne with its many forest types: barren heath with pines, fresh heath with spruces as well as…
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Matti Aalto Luonnonperintösäätiö

Matti Aalto becomes chairman of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

Matti Aalto has been elected chairman of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. Mr Aalto has a long experience of nature and environmental issues through his work in the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and BirdLife Finland. He has been a board member in the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation since 2019. He is an engineer with…
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A new area protected in Kymenlaakso

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation purchased a versatile forest estate in the Onkamaa village of Hamina in the spring, the site being named Lehtoranta according to the wish of the person representing the heirs, the one who also sold the area. The new conservation area contains a variety of forest types, such as exposed heath…
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Keitaan eteläpuolta.

A new conservation area spreads out in Noormarkku

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired a swampy forest area that goes around the beautiful and wild lake Vähä Särkijärvi in the form of a horseshoe in the Lassila region of Noormarkku. The middle section is made up of swamp, surrounded by the old and versatile heath forests of the mineral-rich lands higher up.…
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Aikalankangas donated and protected in Jämsä

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has received a fascinating forest area as a gift on the northeastern shore of Lahnajärvi in Jämsä. The area belongs to the Aikala house, part of the Hietaranta family property, which has served as the Itkonen family’s summer address for several decades. Aikalankangas was donated to the Finnish Natural Heritage…
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