The Suden metsä forest protected in Pälkäne

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired in June a forest area of many faces in the Pirkanmaa region. The name of the forest, Suden metsä, means A Wolf’s Forest, and it is located by the Korkeusvuori area in Pälkäne with its many forest types: barren heath with pines, fresh heath with spruces as well as mixed forest with moist ground and springs.

This area of eight and a half hectares includes an impressive rock, a low cliff, and some depressions that resemble kettle holes, the depressions already being exposed to bog formation. There is a brook that goes down to the Äimälä area of groves and traditional landscapes protected nearby.

The Suden metsä forest is gradually becoming primeval, serving already as a refuge for many animal species. In its proximity, there have been observations of the nightjar, the badger, and the crested tit, as well as some forest Galliformes.

Fortum contributed to the purchase of the Suden metsä forest with 26,579 euros. Fortum uses part of the profit coming from the company’s green additional service to support forest deals made by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

“This important support made it possible for us to buy the Suden metsä forest and protect the area,” says Anneli Jussila, the executive director of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. “It’s nice to see that companies have started to support forest conservation through us.”

In the vicinity of the Suden metsä forest, we find the Pörhölä lean-to, a shelter maintained by the UPM company for those hiking in the area. The Suden metsä forest is the eleventh site protected by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in the Pirkanmaa region.

Suden metsä on a map

Photo Anneli Jussila