Lynx Forest

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, the Lynx Man feature documentary, and the protagonist of the film Hannu Rantala are raising funds to protect an old forest which would be suited as a lynx habitat. Lynx Man is a documentary about Hannu Rantala’s awe-inspiring life with these handsome animals.

The Eurasian lynx is the only wildcat living in Finland. Along with the wolf, the bear and the wolverine, it is one of our four large predators. With its tufted ears, yellow eyes and large paws, the lynx is a beautiful and timid animal which often moves under the cover of darkness and stays out of reach of humans.

The lynx nearly disappeared completely from Finland in the early 20th century because of excessive hunting. The situation improved when the lynx was protected in the 1960s, but in the past few years so many hunting licences have been granted that the lynx population has dwindled.

In our nature, the lynx has a value in itself. Large predators such as the lynx also have an important role at the top of our ecosystem as they stop other mammal populations from becoming too large, and help to maintain the vitality of prey species. Many birds and smaller predators also benefit from the presence of large predators.

Help us and Hannu to protect the lynx forest and donate to the fundraiser!

– Enter Luonnonperintösäätiö as recipient
– Transfer the sum of your choice to the donation account FI78 5494 0950 0224 93
– Use the reference 210832

You can also donate an amount of your choice to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s Lynx Forest campaign via MobilePay by using the number 57750. Tap the number on your phone, and the MobilePay app will open automatically with the correct payment details. The number will direct your donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s donation account.

The Lynx Forest campaign was launched by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the production company Wacky Tie Films. The fundraising campaign will be running for two years.

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