The length of the Tulijoki riverbank has grown

The forest area acquired in May in the village of Nalkki in Puolanka has been expanded by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. This intimate area is located along with its heaths and swamps by the clear waters of the Tulijoki river.

– The additional section is situated by the Tulijoki river. The extention is small, less than two hectares, but it is significant because of the conservation as well as its inregrity and landscape.

The southern edge of the Tulijoki area is now entirely bordered on the riverbank, says Anneli Jussila, the executive director, being happy about the new situation.

There are more than 55 hectares in the Tulijoki area, and even though it is mainly covered by trees and swamps, the area includes a couple of kilometres of the riverbank – as if the area was cradled in the arms of the two rivers, Tulijoki and Pienijoki.

In this section of the area, the river appears as a small stream with clear water and sand bottom. The river provides a home also for the beaver, whose inhabited lodges can be seen on the riverbank also in the extended part.

Tulijoki is the 46th conservation area of the foundation and the second one in the Kainuu region.

Photo: Anneli Jussila.