Tiedotteet: Metsäkaupat

24.3.2020 | Metsäkaupat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired a forest estate called Kettukallio, which is located within the Tortinmäki region of Paattinen, approximately 25 kilometres away in a northern and northeastern direction from the centre of Turku. We shall submit an application to preserve the forest in accordance with the nature conservation act, regarding its vegetation, organisms, and soil so that they are allowed to flourish in their natural state. After the protection, you are allowed to move freely in the area as well as pick berries and mushrooms there.

29.1.2020 | Metsäkaupat

In January, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the town of Ylöjärvi closed a deal on a forest of many trees in Ylöjärvi. The forest, located a few kilometres northeast of the town center on the Mastosvuori hill north of the Asuntila region, will be protected in memory of Mikko Saarela, a man who was a member of the Eppu Normaali band.

Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Seitasaari
24.9.2019 | Metsäkaupat

At the end of the summer, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired a forest area of great conservation value, bounded by five different waterways within the Kaamanen region of Inari. The deal was made possible when Sputnik, a company owned by director Aki Kaurismäki and artist Paula Oinonen, donated 100 000 euros for this very purpose.

Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Ahmauksenkorpi
22.8.2019 | Metsäkaupat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation recently acquired an area of 41 hectares called Ahmauksenkorpi in the village of Ahmaus, located in Ulvila. It is an exceptionally wide and unified forest with plenty of decayed wood. To a great extent, it is fern spruce mire by its habitat type.

Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Kettukangas
9.6.2019 | Metsäkaupat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired in spring an old lush wooden pasture in Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia. The Kettukangas forest of 32 hectares consists mainly of herb-rich forests.

23.5.2019 | Metsäkaupat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation has acquired a forest area of many trees in the Ahlainen region of Pori for conservation along with approximately half of the structural basin of Holamppi, a small lake that was once drained as part of this area.

Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Yövilkanpuro
18.12.2017 | Metsäkaupat

Towards the end of the autumn, the foundation has managed to purchase three new areas for conservation in North Karelia. The foundation now owns seven areas in this region. The places were found and the deal was made with the help of local nature lovers.

Luonnonperintösäätiön suojelualue Itäkangas
14.12.2017 | Metsäkaupat

Eight hectares of the original coniferous forest of Koillismaa (“the Northeastern Land”) was protected in late October when the Finnish Natural Heritage Fund purchased a piece of nearly 200 years old forest in Pintamo at the eastern edge of the municipality of Pudasjärvi.

19.9.2017 | Metsäkaupat

The versatile Kruununmaa farm of eight hectares in the Isoneva region of Alavus has belonged to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation since the end of August. The purchase was financed by a swamp campaign arranged in cooperation by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and the Ostrobothnia district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

2.8.2017 | Metsäkaupat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was recently given quite a present. Lauri Hakamies, a private person and nature lover from Vaasa, gave us a forest-covered area called Wikskog from Vetlot, an island in the Vöyri region. The island is surrounded by brackish water close to the delta area of the Vöyrinjoki river. The foundation will protect Wikskog as part of the My Gift to the Hundred-Year-Old campaign celebrating Finland’s centenary.