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6.6.2013 |

The 17,6-hectare area called Metsäranta, located on the Hiirettelänvuori hill in the municipality of Iitti, became our property at the end of May.

31.5.2013 |

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired its first conservation area in the Kainuu region in May, and it was about an approximately ten-hectare area called Pahapuro in Ristijärvi.

14.5.2013 |

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired well over 18 more hectares of the Heinineva bog in Alajärvi in May 2013. The new area includes a small forest-covered islet on the northeast side.

7.5.2013 |

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation bought in April 2013 an old forest of over five hectares in Tyysteri, Porvoo. 

pentti linkola
18.1.2013 |

The founder of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, Mr Pentti Linkola, who serves as the chairman of the board, celebrated his 80th anniversary on 7 December 2012.

21.12.2012 |

Just before Christmas 2012, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation acquired an area called Metsäpirtti, a forest of seven hectares in Nyrölä, Uurainen.

5.12.2012 |

In the spring of 2012, the foundation and the Ostrobothnia conservation district started a campaign for bogs, and as a result, the foundation has now managed to acquire 16 hectares of the Heinisuo bog in Alajärvi.

pentti linkola
28.11.2012 |

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation will start a special fund-raising campaign on 7 December 2012 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its chairman, Pentti Linkola, who established the foundation.

25.9.2012 |

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation closed a good deal in September 2012 receiving more land to be placed under protection.

18.9.2012 |

The foundation starts collecting funds among the successful entrepreneurs in the Häme region with a campaign that will last until the end of the year.